João Sobral

João Sobral makes drawings and comics.

image i find myself
image self
image palop jarreta
image falling
image problemas
image cosmos 2
image littleguy
image i wll be fine
image paint
image mr a
image moneyworries
image brick game
image lama frak

12" Vinyl cover for Frak's "Long Loophole / Meet Willie" published by a portuguese label called LAMA.

image cosmos 1
image porto
image look 2
image random 1
image sketch to paint
image zine escape 1
image score
image zine escape 2
image look 1
image yearbook panda
image help
image i need to
image random 2
image leveltwo

A very brief interactive webcomic experience that can be visited here.

image aleluia
image random 3
Small Victories